The PQA Leadership Summit annually convenes thought leaders and decision makers to discuss strategies and opportunities to address national priorities in medication use quality. The 2022 summit is focused on value-based care and contracting – and opportunities and challenges related to measuring value in medication use. New health care delivery models emphasize a team-oriented approach to patient care, but significant gaps remain in aligning medication use with other aspects of clinical care. 

The summit will explore what constitutes quality and value in medication use from patient, provider, purchaserpayer and industry perspectives. These stakeholders are driving the future of value-based care. The opportunities and barriers to value-based arrangements shared during the summit will inform future PQA research and consensus-building activities.

The PQA Leadership Summit is an invitation-only event for member organization leaders from the director level and above. About 200 leaders attend the summit each year.  

Reasons to Attend

  • Keynote on industry trends and the outlook on value in medication use
  • Patient perspectives on quality and value in medication use
  • Employer goals for quality and lessons learned from recent initiatives
  • Value‐based insurance design and value‐based pricing
  • Federal policy and incentives for alternative payment models
  • Insights from health care quality measurement and public and private quality improvement leaders
  • Discussion of research and pilot opportunities to address barriers to value‐based arrangements